Quality Control

At G2 Construction we understand that planning and controls built into the schedule, and ultimately building a quality product makes good business sense. As part of our continuing effort to develop a reliable QC Program we have adopted the "Three Phase Control System" for all projects.


The “Three Phase Control System” is as follows:


Meetings - As part of the Three Phase Control System each definable feature of work entails a Preparatory Meeting and an Initial Phase Meeting. The Preparatory Meeting is an opportunity to review contract plans and specifications, to assure that all necessary materials have been submitted on and approved, that all provisions have been made for required control inspections and testing, to review safety protocols and discuss construction procedures for the upcoming definable work. The Initial Phase

Meetings are scheduled to coincide with the beginning of the definable feature of work and it is our opportunity to review the discussions from the Preparatory Meeting, check the preliminary work, verify the adequacy of our control measures and review safety plans with the workers. Per specification we will notify the Quality Assurance Managers of our meeting schedules so that they may participate if they wish.


Inspections - Inspection of completed work is the responsibility of the Government's Quality Assurance Manager. As part of the Three Phase Control System, the Follow up Phase calls for daily checks to assure compliance with contract requirements. Deficiency reports are generated and corrections are completed and documented. This information is included in the Daily Reports as well as results from any testing performed that day.

Submittal Reviews - Our Quality Control Manager is responsible for overseeing the submittal process from initial review before submitting to the government, to confirming that delivered material conforms to the submittals. Our submittal process is fully integrated into our schedule and the submittal register will be constantly maintained. For Design/Build work we understand our responsibilities for creating the submittal register and working with the design team to ensure that proper materials are incorporated into the design.

Correction of Non-Compliant Work - Corrections of non-compliant work as identified by either the

Contractor or owner, are made prior to continuation of work. The deficiencies are logged in the daily reports as well as the corrective actions taken. The deficiency is also added to the list of cumulative deficiencies. If it is determined that the deficiency is a product of improper planning a Preparatory meeting is scheduled to discuss and correct the process.



In addition to the formal requirements of our CQC program, our business model contributes strongly to the quality of the product we provide. We maintain long term relationships with all of our sub-contractors and they share an understanding of our quality expectations and as a result our CQC program involves every person on our job site.



Contract closeout procedures are specified in the contract documents and we adhere to the specifications. The CQC creates and we, as the General Contractor complete a punch-list prior to the owner's Pre-Final Inspection. OM Manuals are completed and submitted, installed equipment is tested and all training is scheduled and completed, warranties are organized and turned over to the owner, extra materials are cataloged and delivered, and then the Final Inspection is performed. Red line drawings are updated regularly throughout the job and after final approval the appropriate copies are submitted.