Job Safety

The employees of G2 Construction are our most valuable assets. It is our policy to provide safe and healthy working conditions at all job sites and during all phases of construction to best protect our employees.  Using OSHA Regulations and Guidelines as a base standard, G2 Construction’s documented safety program serves as our Safety Officer’s template for new hire training and on-site safety protocols.  As part of our company safety program we require pre-hire, as well as random drug and alcohol screening. We also require both weekly safety meetings, with the entire on-site crew in attendance, as well as task specific safety meetings before beginning new phases of construction. All safety meetings are documented and become part of the Daily Reports. Many of our employees are First Aid Certified and we list those employee’s names at the site office.   Our employees are provided the tools they require to work safely (both equipment and training), and through our company culture they are encouraged to complete tasks in a professional and safe manner.

Our Safety Officer is present as an advocate for the employee’s safety, but they are also responsible for notifying the Superintendent and Project Manager when corrective steps need to be taken. Corrective steps are also documented and become part of the Daily Report. As part of our commitment to safety and to the construction community, G2 Construction recently donated $10,000 to the Interior Alaskan Homebuilders Association Education Fund to be used to fund training seminars in the field of construction safety.

Safety programs are critical to the success of every project. All company officers, managers, supervisors and employees shall participate and actively support the safety rules. Success with our safety program is equal in importance to the project's budget, scheduling and quality control. All supervisory personnel must be knowledgeable of the safety program requirements and fully understand their responsibilities under the program.

The promotion of the highest standards of safety is an important component of our goal, to make G2 Construction the best construction company in the business. The attitude and actions of every individual affects the safety of our job sites. Take time to think about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Act without delay to correct or remedy unsafe conditions and implement additional training. This is what works to create a safer working environment.