Airport Way Professional Building

A 12,000 square-foot, 3 story office building primarily home to medical providers.  The project included technically detailed mechanical and electrical...

Hampton Inn & Suites Hotel

A 66,000 square foot, 103 room, 4 story hotel completed in June 2009.  This project included a swimming pool, exercise facility, laundry facility,...

Best Western Chena River Lodge

A 33,761 square foot, 65 room, 3 story hotel completed in May 2009.  This project included a conference room, laundry facilities, and office spaces. ...

Alpine Lodge Hotel

A 65,000 square-foot, 115 room, 3 story hotel completed in May 2007.  This project included a conference room, exercise facility, laundry facility and...

Finishline Restaurant & Lounge

Finishline Restaurant & Lounge - a 7,080 square-foot restaurant, lounge and conference facility completed in April 2008.  This building was...

Weeks Fields Estates

Weeks Fields Estate - a project entailing the construction of 2 separate 4 story apartment buildings.  Each 33,000 square foot building includes 28...

Ft. Knox Gold Mine ALPM Truck Shop Interiors

Interior finishing of industrial building completed in April 2010.  The project included offices, restrooms and a break room.  G2 Construction was the...

Hering Auditorium Upgrade

Hering Auditorium Upgrade - a technically and logistically complicated renovation including upgrades and/or renovations of stage lighting and auditorium...

  • Airport Way Professional Building

    Friday, 22 October 2010 19:28
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Hotel

    Friday, 22 October 2010 19:31
  • Best Western Chena River Lodge

    Friday, 22 October 2010 19:32
  • Alpine Lodge Hotel

    Friday, 22 October 2010 22:55
  • Finishline Restaurant & Lounge

    Friday, 22 October 2010 22:55
  • Weeks Fields Estates

    Sunday, 24 October 2010 21:28
  • Ft. Knox Gold Mine ALPM Truck Shop Interiors

    Thursday, 10 March 2011 22:55
  • Hering Auditorium Upgrade

    Thursday, 10 March 2011 22:56

G2 Construction, Inc. possesses a wide range of documented design build experiences from small office space remodels to simultaneous multi-million dollar projects. Formed in 2001, G2 Construction, Inc. has quickly grown into an elite Fairbanks commercial contractor, completing at least one design build project a year since 2006.  G2 Construction, Inc has extensive experience with taking an owner’s design concepts and project requirements and turning these into a reality.  We do this with the help of an experienced and creative design team, reliable subcontractors and a highly skilled local workforce that have worked with us for many years.

G2 Construction, Inc. was originally formed, and is owned and operated by Paul Gitschel. Paul has over 20 years of construction experience and has performed the duties of Project Manager on most of our recent design build projects including the Best Western Chena River Lodge, the Airport Way Professional Building and Pogo Mine Storage facility. His knowledge of complex building systems and his problem solving skills are largely responsible for the success of G2 Construction, Inc. He works closely with the designers and owners throughout the design phase to help ensure that functional and economical design elements are included in the finished building.  Also assisting in the construction management team for G2 Construction, Inc. is Vice President Gary Graves with over 30 years of construction experience.  Gary is primarily responsible for estimating, procurement and project management. Gary works closely with the design team to ensure that the costs of all design elements are properly accounted for ensuring the financial feasibility of the finish design. Our on-site management team may include (depending on the size and scope of project) our Site Superintendent, Quality Control Officer and Safety Officer.